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Helping Hands Long Island

Helping Hands Long Island

Helping Hands Long Island

Helping Hands Long Island is created to provide free 3D printed prosthetic hands that are strong, reliable, durable, lightweight, custom fit, armed with joint mobility and flexibility for anyone in need locally, nationally and internationally. 


Our History

Helping Hands Long Island

Helping Hands Long Island

The inspiration for us to embark on this journey was Travis Mills, a US War Veteran, a quadruple amputee and his principle of 'never give up...never quit'

Our prostheses are made in biodegradable polymer, called PLA, using 3D printing technology. They are very simple designs, obtained from an open-source software provided by the e-NABLE organization. The unique design of the prosthesis uses the movement of the wrist or elbow joint to activate the opening and closing of the hand. These prostheses have great advantages - such as lightness, low production cost, and high customization capacity. It is also a product of high quality and durability. - helpinghands


Our Mission

Helping Hands Long Island

Our Mission


Our mission is to provide access to a prosthetic hand to anyone who requires it in order to improve his or her quality of life.

We have successfully carried our efforts so far to several recipients in India, Mexico, Nepal.


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Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

Story of Ramesh...

Sundar alfie unlimbited arm


Silva Mercado..

Helping Hands Long Island

Helping Hands Long Island

From Mexico


Helping Hands Long Island

Helping Hands Long Island

Helping Hands Long Island

Jumps in to make a difference..

Making of the hand @ helpinghandslongisland

Come Join us...

helping hands long island reached out TO nepal


Prathiva Adhikari 9yr old

Congenital defect of the right hand


Getting measured..


Kwawu Hand for Prathiva!!

Higher grip strength and functionality. Very good at picking up small things with index finger and thumb and big things with whole hand. 


Sanjit Kumar Takur

Lost his hand in an accident.


Another Kwaku Prosthesis

Customized for function and sturdiness.

covid-19 efforts from helping hands long island

3-D printing of the Face shields

custom made tools - to avoid touching door handles